Taylor O. Thomas
Born in Birmingham, AL, 1990

Taylor O. Thomas was born in Birmingham, AL, and now lives and works as a visual artist in Tampa, FL. Thomas’s work includes abstract paintings, drawings, and installations, which have been exhibited in galleries and private collections in the United States, Italy, and China. In 2012, Taylor graduated magna cum laude from Davidson College with a BA in Studio Art, and has since used painting as a means of investigating identity, spirituality, and human connection. She views her works as evolving stories, noting, “my layered materials are beginnings, not ends. Mark-making and manipulating media is my mental, physical, and spiritual confrontation of questions and issues—whether they are deeply personal or widely shared.”

Thomas recently received the University Graduate Fellowship from the University of South Florida, where she is currently earning her MFA degree. Her works are represented by The Road Gallery (New York, NY), Rachel Nash Gallery (Dallas, TX), and Nomad Collective (Nashville, TN).

Taylor O. Thomas- About Me


“My aim is to produce work that warrants a pause and allows me, with others, to grapple with the depths that withstand our limitations.  The first poem I ever jotted down on this site still illuminates the heart of who I am, what I’m after, and how my work ushers me forward.”


I am currently surrounded by systems
of all kinds. drawn kindly
and yet unable to grasp the lines
that gave me shape.  thinning
out the pools of darkness—in her shrouds—
I am after
the light.  dwelling
here, yet moving toward
familiar and not.