Boxes began as my marks of choice on every canvas—until choice became tendency, and tendency became habit.

Just as a child develops a life-long curve to her r’s and q’s, I have developed a handwriting of repeated forms—constricted, contained, considered mine.  My paintings are doused with these networks of imperfect boxes.

But, what if…?
I begin to pursue
the dot, dot, dot—the marks of a less-natural conclusion.

These works hinge on the idea that our habitual, daily “marks” are often made out of tendencies to repeat the familiar—rather than out of choices to pursue the less-known.  Through my recent mixed-media abstractions, I have not sought to abandon my natural tendencies, but to allow them to be artistically and conceptually pushed by “what if’s.”  My boxes have been loosened, marred, somewhat tossed by movement.  They have met sweeps of paint, reckless drips, and wandering lines, as I have met spiritual paradoxes and conceptual ironies.  These paintings are a further approach to freedom—my continuing steps toward becoming unwound.

TOT, December 2013

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