Every piece inevitably takes on a unique visual and conceptual focus, but the works in this series function as if they were words in a [run-on] sentence. Image-by-image, they string together a story of pursuit and attempt. Each work in this series picks up where another has left off, whether it be through the emotive force of a shared stroke, or a concept strewn by an unending line. Take, for example, Turning In and Giving Up: two paintings that share a sweep of white, a mark that floods across one surface and breaks boundaries to get to another.

These paintings are, in a sense, the physical depictions of mental and emotional longings we all share. As often as we want to be chased, pursued, and kept secure, we equally display acts of resistance, independence, and rebellion. There is a push-pull, a reaching and a rejecting at play. The chase is a complicated one, and it leaves fewer answers than questions.

To where will our chase lead us? To whom will our story speak? And will the sentences we string together ever come to an actual end?

The Chase 
TOT, March 2016

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